About Us

Why pay 33% to 40% of your settlement?

You are the one that was injured.

You are the one that is suffering.

25% Percent Accident Lawyers™ is a directory website for attorneys that specialize in accident injury lawsuits and accept only 25% of the Final Settlement!

Most car accident lawyers charge between 33% and 40% of an accident settlement. We have created this directory to make it easier for health professionals that treat accident injuries, as well as accident victims to find a high quality, low-cost, affordable car accident lawyer.

All 25% Percent Accident Lawyers™ listed on this website offer a FREE First Consultation as well. At the time of your meeting with the attorney, you will be informed of  your rights regarding medical care for your injuries and a potential financial settlement.

If you decide to engage the help of a 25% Percent Accident Lawyer™, there will be no upfront costs. All accident attorneys on our website agree to get reimbursed for their work when, and only if, the accident case settles.

A 25% Percent Accident Lawyer™ will help you with all the necessary paperwork needed for:Find a car accident lawyer near me

  • Car Repair
  • Rental Car
  • Loss of Wages/Income
  • Medical Treatment
  • Future Medical Treatment
  • Emotional Distress Treatment
  • Possible Disability
  • Insurance Correspondence
  • Pain and Suffering Award

Find an accident lawyer near me

Find a 25% Percent Accident Lawyer™ Near Me